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Time of the Wolf (2002)

A boy is orphaned and his only surviving relatives, an ageing aunt and uncle, somewhat reluctantly, take him in. The aunt, still traumatised by the death by drowning, years earlier, of her own two sons, has little idea how to handle the boy. As if, losing his parents and not really feeling welcome in his new home, were not enough, the boy is bullied at school. He seeks sanctuary from all of his troubles in the open air, in the company of wolves and particularly in the presence of a young wolf whose life he has saved.

Original Title: Time of the Wolf

  • Rod Pridy
  • 年: 2002
  • 片长: 87 min.
  • Language: English

Burt Reynolds

Archie McGregor

Jason Priestley

Mr. Nelson

John Neville


Anthony Lemke

Alex McKenzie

Marthe Keller

Rebecca McGregor

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