Eliot (2013)

A young man, Eliot, comes back in his childhood district with the aim of preparing a movie for the Film School's admission exams. He meets up with Florence, a girl he hasn't seen for years. Together they recall the days when Eliot lived to the full thanks only to the super 8 camera his understanding father had offered him, sweeping along in his cinematographic adventures his best friend Maxime, who is wholly different from him and so lively, as well as Florence, whom he secretly had fallen for. The discord will soon lead to competition between the two boys until the day Eliot gets humiliated and changes his film roles in order to gain Florence's favors. But nothing runs as expected.

Original Title: Eliot

  • Philippe Reypens
  • 年: 2013
  • 片长: 35 min.
  • 国家:
  • Language: Français

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