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Murder 101 (1991)

Charles Lattimore, an author of a book about a famous murder trial, arranges to meet with one of his students one night. When the student is found murdered and Lattimore has no alibi, he suspects he is being framed by the subject of his book.

  • 年: 1991
  • 片长: 100 min.
  • 国家:
  • Language: English
  • 预算: $2,500,000

Dey Young

Laura Lattimore

Antoni Corone

Mike Dowling

Yorgo Constantine

Jon Steinmetz

Jack Thibeau

Officer (Roadblock)

Pierce Brosnan

Charles Lattimore

Raphael Sbarge

Robert Miner

Kim Thomson

Francesca Lavin

Dianne Hull

Ellen Dowling

Kathe Mazur

Linda Jo (Poet)

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