Our Dream Car (1959)

A gem in every sense of the word, Our Dream car features popular idols Ge Lan (Grace Chang) and Chang Yang as a couple of newlyweds who struggle hard to acquire the latest symbol of middle class affluence: a motor car, but only find themselves in alienating situations. Yi Wen's script is full of lively and humorous details, his direction affectionate, while the young stars are charming. The film also paints a picture of a bourgeois lifestyle that was yet to occur in the ex-colony. It has also been aptly compared to the genre of hollywood "bedroom" comedy made famous by Rock Hudson and Doris Day in the 1950s.

Original Title: Our Dream Car

  • Wen Yi
  • 年: 1959
  • 片长: 100 min.
  • Language: en

Grace Chang

Li Jiaying

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