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Marriage Is a Private Affair (1944)


Theo has had many boyfriends who wanted to marry her. Since her mother, Mrs. Selworth, has been married many times, Theo is unsure of commitment. Without much thought, she finally accepts the proposal of Air Corps Lieutenant Tom West. After the honeymoon, Tom's father dies and Tom goes into the defense industry. When Theo has a baby, she hates the idea of being matronly and wants to be the old party girl. The problem is that her husband is working constantly. She looks to her friends, who are having their own problems, and to her old flame Captain Lancing. To decide on what she wants to do with her baby and her life, Theo must grow up.

Original Title: Marriage Is a Private Affair

  • Robert Z. Leonard
  • 年: 1944
  • 片长: 116 min.
  • 国家:
  • Language: English

Lana Turner

Theo Scofield West

Keenan Wynn

Maj. Bob Wilton

John Hodiak

Lt. Tom Cochrane West

James Craig

Capt. Miles Lancing

Tom Drake

Bill Rice

Hugh Marlowe

Joesph I. Murdock

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