Slightly Dangerous (1943)

This airy bit of MGM fluff stars Lana Turner as small-town soda clerk Peggy Evans. After telling off the self-important new drugstore manager Bob Stuart (Robert Young), Peggy, convinced that there's no future for her in her hometown, fakes her suicide and heads for the big city. After a series of dizzying comic complications, she successfully poses as the long-lost daughter of millionaire Cornelius Burden (Walter Brennan). Meanwhile, poor Bob, held responsible for Peggy's "death," comes to town determined to clear his name by exposing Peggy as an impostor.

Original Title: Slightly Dangerous

  • Wesley Ruggles
  • 年: 1943
  • 片长: 94 min.
  • 国家:
  • Language: English

Lana Turner

Peggy Evans aka Carol Burden

Walter Brennan

Cornelius Burden

Robert Young

Bob Stuart

Ward Bond


Howard Freeman

Mr. Quill

Ray Collins


Alan Mowbray

English Gentleman

Florence Bates

Mrs. Amanda Roanoke-Brooke

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