Adventures of the Queen (1975)

A madman hijacks the luxury cruise liner, S.S. Queen, and threatens to blow it up unless a millionaire pays him the the contents of a safe deposit box. The crew regains control of the ship, but the hijacker dies, taking the codes to disarm the bomb with him.

Original Title: Adventures of the Queen

  • David Lowell Rich
  • 年: 1975
  • 片长: 98 min.
  • 国家:
  • Language: English

Ralph Bellamy

J.L. Dundeen

Francine York

Betsy Shuster

David Hedison

Dr. Peter Brooks

John Randolph

John Howe

Robert Stack

Capt. James Morgan

Linden Chiles

Matthew Evans

Sorrell Booke

Robert Dwight

Bradford Dillman

Martin Reed

Sheila Allen

Claudine Lennart

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