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Ace of Aces (1933)

A sculptor who doesn't want to have any part of World War I is shamed by his girlfriend into joining the army. He becomes a fighter pilot, and undergoes a complete personality change.

Original Title: Ace of Aces

  • J. Walter Ruben
  • 年: 1933
  • 片长: 76 min.
  • 国家:
  • Language: English

Ralph Bellamy

Capt. Blake

Frank Conroy

Maj. / Lt. Col. Wentworth

Nella Walker

Mrs. Adams

John Kelly

Gloski - Ammunition Loader

Richard Dix

2nd Lt. Rex 'Rocky' Thorne

Sam Flint

Army Doctor

Edward Gargan

Whitaker - Mechanic

Grady Sutton

Party Guest with Newspaper

Betty Furness

Card Playing Party Guest

Theodore Newton

Lt. Foster 'Froggy' Kelley

Elizabeth Allan

Nancy Adams

Clarence Stroud

2nd Lt. Billy Winstead

Claude Stroud

2nd Lt. Carroll Winstead

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