Lady in a Jam (1942)

A psychiatrist's patient, a nutty heiress, travels west to find gold in her grandfather's abandoned mine. The psychiatrist, unable to talk her out of it, decides to follow her out there.

Original Title: Lady in a Jam

  • Gregory La Cava
  • 年: 1942
  • 片长: 78 min.
  • 国家:
  • Language: English

Ralph Bellamy

Stanley Gardner

Robert Homans

Faro Bill

Theodore von Eltz

Dr. Elsworth

Irving Bacon

Motel Proprietor

Irene Dunne

Jane Palmer

Fuzzy Knight

Stuttering Cabbie

Samuel S. Hinds

Dr. Brewster

Eugene Pallette

Mr. John Billingsley

Charles Lane

Government Man

Patric Knowles

Doctor Enright

Edward McWade


Isabel La Mal


Emmett Vogan

Jewelry Sales Clerk

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