Meet the Wildcat (1940)

Ralph Bellamy and Margaret Lindsay, stars of Columbia's "Ellery Queen" series, let their hair down and went "screwball" in the Universal comedy-mystery Meet the Wildcat. Bellamy plays a New York gumshoe on the trail of an art thief. His investigation is confounded by the presence of snoopy girl reporter Lindsay.

  • 年: 1940
  • 片长: 66 min.
  • 国家:
  • Language: English

Ralph Bellamy

Lt. Brad Williams

Margaret Lindsay

Ann Larkin

Joseph Schildkraut

Leon Dumeray

Allen Jenkins

Max Schwydel

Jerome Cowan

Digby Vanderhood III

Rudolph Anders


Frank Puglia

Chief of Police

Guy D'Ennery


Reed Hadley


Gloria Franklin

Annabelle Lee

Iris Adrian

Jail Cell Blonde

Tris Coffin

Sleepy Policeman at Headquarters

Richard Crane

Bill--Office Worker

Kate Drain Lawson

Jail Matron

Keith Richards

Gallery Assistant

Julian Rivero

Hat Peddler

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