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Wild Girl (1932)

Bret Harte's story Salomy Jane's Kiss provided the basis for a play (by Paul Armstrong and a number of films, including 1932's Wild Girl. Set in the High Sierras at the end of the Civil War, the "wild girl" of the title is Salome Jane Clay (Joan Bennett). Rather tomboyish and determined, she isn't the vixen that the title suggests; as a matter of fact, she is upset and angry over a man who has tried to take liberties with her. A stranger Charles Farrell shows up, looking for the same man who has incurred Jane's enmity. Farrell has a score to settle, for this man ruined the life and reputation of Farrell's sister. He shoots him, then flees the town with Jane's help. They are pursued by numerous individuals; as they overcome various obstacles, they find themselves falling in love.

Original Title: Wild Girl

  • Raoul Walsh
  • 年: 1932
  • 片长: 78 min.
  • 国家:
  • Language: English

Ralph Bellamy

Jack Marbury

Irving Pichel

Rufe Waters

Robert Homans

Sheriff / Gambling Kibitzer

Mary Gordon


Joan Bennett

Salomy Jane

Eugene Pallette

Yuba Bill

Louise Beavers

Mammy Lou

Minna Gombell

Millie, the Prostitute

Charles Farrell

Billy, the Stranger

Morgan Wallace

Phineas Baldwin

Murdock MacQuarrie

Jess Larabee

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