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Secret of the Andes (1999)

There are things that just you will be able to see with the heart.

Cusi is a 20th century Incan boy who lives in a high mountain valley with an old llama herder named Chuto. Chuto raised Cusi in a traditional Incan fashion, although the Spanish culture was prevalent in Peru since the conquest of the Incan Empire. Although eager for adventure, Cusi is still drawn to the home he has known all his life. Cusi sets out from his home to try to find a family, but discovers that Chuto is all the family he needs.

Original Title: Secret of the Andes

  • Alejandro Azzano
  • 年: 1999
  • 片长: 95 min.
  • Language: en

Nancy Allen

Brenda Willings

Camilla Belle

Diana Willings

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