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The Lake (1998)

A nurse returns to her home town to care for her dying father, and finds everyone she knows there has undergone a bizarre personality change.

Jackie Ivers is a Los Angeles nurse who returns home to the small town of San Vicente to find that her friends and family have taken on bizarrely different personalities. Jackie notices that everyone who goes into the town's lake come out different. As the movie progresses, Jackie first-handedly witnesses what is happening to everyone around her as she is kidnapped by aliens from a parallel world which is the duplicate to Earth but is now polluted and the ozone layer gone. In order to survive, the aliens intend to take over Earth the entrance to the duplicate Earth called the vortex, which are located in major bodies of water, ponds, and lakes.

  • 年: 1998
  • 片长: 95 min.
  • 国家:
  • Language: English

Michael Winters

Dr. Braden

Haley Joel Osment

Dylan Hydecker

Marion Ross


Linden Ashby

Dr. Jeff Chapman

Stanley Anderson

Steve Ivers

Marc Gomes

Lt. Governor Chandler

Yasmine Bleeth

Jackie Ivers

Caroline Lagerfelt

Mayor Louise Terry

Susanna Thompson

Denise Hydecker

Dewey Weber

Officer Gary Reed

Anjul Nigam

Dr. Sanjay

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