My Romeo (2004)

Shek Siu Lung is a jewelry chain stores owner. Lung is the only son that his parents dominate his life very harsh. One day, Lung's best friend Lau Wah invites him to a costume party. Lung dresses like Green Hornet to the party. Grace lost way and gets rob. Luckily Green Hornet appears from the mist and defeated the thief. While Grace wants to thank him, Lung disappears in the mist instantly because he has to go back to home before midnight like the Cinderella. Grace amazed and admires Lung's Green Hornet image and Kung Fu. Grace believes in fate. The meeting with Lung is her destiny. She hopes to meet him again someday.

Original Title: 情陷掌門人

  • Chow Jan-Wing
  • 年: 2004
  • 片长: 90 min.
  • Language: 广州话 / 廣州話

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