Yesterday (1959)

October, 1956. Colonel lieutenant Szabó sends a platoon with the mission of calming the people demonstrating in the town. The platoon is lined up under the command of Lieutenant Csendes and the soldiers aim at the demonstrators. Szusza Kis changes sides, and Csendes is unable to shoot at his childhood mate. They withdraw.

Original Title: Tegnap

  • Márton Keleti
  • 年: 1959
  • 片长: 83 min.
  • 国家:
  • Language: Magyar

Zoltán Makláry

id. Csendes Imre

Páger Antal

Mácsay, volt foldbirtokos

Gyula Szabó

Szusza-Kis (as ifj. Szabó Gyula)

Antal Páger

Mácsay, volt foldbirtokos

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