Paloh (2003)

Di Sini Tiada Jalan Kembali [Here No Way Back]

Set during the confrontation between the Japanese Army and the Communist Party of Malaya in the year 1944. Four friends - Ahmad, Osman , Puteh and Harun choose to serve the Japanese Police Force in order to survive. Amidst a sea of uncertainties, Ahmad falls in love with Siew Lan and Puteh falls in love with Fatimah - both girls from different worlds , different cultures, even opposing sides. And Osman - a friend of theirs and a spy for the Japanese Police - chooses to serve his own vendetta.

  • 年: 2003
  • 片长: 120 min.
  • Language: Bahasa melayu

Yalal Chin


Janet Khoo

Siew Lan



Zack Taipan

Kpt. Kim Jung

Adlin Aman Ramlie

Sarjan Jumlay

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