Women (2013)

Love is a game, where the winner is he who doesn't want to play

"Femrat" is a movie about a guy who's life goes smoothly until all women around him decide he is a good catch. Being a divorce lawyer, marriage is more of a horror show to him as woman are - in his eyes- wonderful creatures that desire one thing: to trap you forever! A crazy inmate who will do anything to stop his divorce, an obsessive mother who wants him settled, two very demanding twins in search of a husband, and a wife-dependent taxi-driver are his world... until the sky strikes and he finds himself in an abandoned buss stop, at the mercy of a beautiful brunette.The smarter he becomes in avoiding the luring traps build by women around him, the more impossible it becomes to escape forever... because in the end, love is a game and the winner sometime is the one who doesn't like to play.

Original Title: Femrat

  • Rudina Vojvoda
  • 年: 2013
  • 片长: 90 min.
  • 国家:
  • Language: shqip

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