Seviştiğimiz Günler (1961)

Sevistigimiz Gunler is a typical socio-economic story of three roommate girls in their early 20s' who are hoping to find their Prince Charmings. With a lot of references to Billy Wilder romance flicks, Things go crazy and wild when they both fall in love with three men. So their lives change dramatically as they forget about the bet, and come on the edge of marriage and pregnancy. But are the men whom they fell in love with, really worth considering as Prince Charmings, or are they just cheaters slickers?

Original Title: Seviştiğimiz Günler

  • Halit Refiğ
  • 年: 1961
  • 片长: 92 min.
  • 国家:
  • Language: Türkçe

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