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Smiling Fish & Goat On Fire (1999)

two brothers, four women and the search for Magnetic Perfection

Two brothers share a house in LA's Fairfax district: Tony's a feckless actor, Chris is an accountant. Both are in relationships on rocky ground. As these emotions swirl, Tony meets his US Postal Service letter carrier, a single mom named Kathy who's come to LA from Wyoming with her daughter, a budding actress. Chris meets Anna, an Italian beauty working in the States for a few months wrangling animals on movie sets. Chris also befriends Clive, an aging and crusty man whose longing for his recently-deceased wife is a portrait of true love. Can Clive's example help Chris sort out his love life, and can Tony grow up enough to see the possibilities with Kathy and her daughter?

Original Title: Smiling Fish & Goat On Fire

  • Kevin Jordan
  • 年: 1999
  • 片长: 90 min.
  • 国家:
  • Language: English

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